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Viennese city dwellers get rescued after massive floodings in 1847.

Human societies have always had a close relationship with water. Water is as much humanity’s most existential resource as it is one of its greatest threats as source of floods or diseases. In order to address the centrality of water in environmental history, this ever-expanding Arcadia collection presents some of the most interesting stories from around the globe that deal particularly with this love-hate relationship between humans and water.

This collection is curated by Jonatan Palmblad (Rachel Carson Center).

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The Search for George DeBaptiste’s House: The Crooked Creek Flood of 1846
Baas, Christopher, Rubino, Darrin L. Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 15
The Aura River Ice Jam in Turku, March 1903
Norrgård, Stefan Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 10
The Day the Falls Stopped Flowing: Devastation and Resilience in Tropical Queensland
Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 3
Water Flows and Topographic Networks of Power: Social Struggles for Water in the Copiapó Valley in the Eighteenth Century
Astudillo Pizarro, Francisco Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 2
Dividing a City: The Flooding of the Saint Petersburg Metro (1995–2004)
Schroeder, Phillip Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 43
The 1795 Disaster: Casualties of the Spiritual Waterscape of Lough Derg, County Donegal
Smith, James L. Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 37
Unifying the Yangzi Watershed in Early Twentieth-Century China
Gao, Yan Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 28
The Water Shops of Republican Tianjin
Cao, Mu Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 20
The Lake That Became a Bus Terminus
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 2
Living on Coral Time: Debating Conservation in the Anthropocene
Braverman, Irus Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 1
The Niagara Telecolorimeter
Macfarlane, Daniel Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 28
Fishing for Souls: Water Technology and the Dutch Baroque
FitzGerald, Lisa Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 26
The Lake That Became a Sports Stadium
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 23
Blood in the Water: A Digital History Project on the Geography of Pontiac’s War, 1763
Clark, Brandon Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 22
Beauties and Beasts: Whales in Portugal, from Early-Modern Monsters to Today’s Flagship Species
Brito, Cristina Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 21