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Viennese city dwellers get rescued after massive floodings in 1847.

Human societies have always had a close relationship with water. Water is as much humanity's most existential resource as it is one of its greatest threats as source of floods or diseases. In order to address the centrality of water in environmental history this ever expanding Arcadia collection presents some of the most interesting stories from around the globe that deal particularly with this love-hate relationship of humans and water.

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Naturalizing Trout? Fish Farming in German Southwest Africa
Kalb, Martin Arcadia, Autumn 2017, no. 33
Half a Century of Public Participation to Stop Pollution in the Alviela River, from 1957 to Today
Bento, Sofia, Bezerra Meira, Teresa, Oliveira Fernandes, Lúcia de, Rainho Brás, Oriana Arcadia, Summer 2017, no. 20
To Dig a Well (in Siberia)
Chu, Pey-Yi Arcadia, Summer 2017, no. 13
A Legacy of Brisbane’s Benchmark Floods of 1893: Creating Dam Dependence
Cook, Margaret Arcadia, Spring 2017, no. 9
Dead Zones and Toxic Algae Bloom in US Waters
Mathur, Shubh Arcadia, Spring 2017, no. 7
The Fen River in Taiyuan, China: Ecology, Revitalization, and Urban Culture
Falke, Matthias Arcadia, Autumn 2016, no. 17
Land Subsidence and the Reservoirs of the Washburn Valley
McTominey, Andrew Arcadia, Autumn 2016, no. 16
Versailles’ Drinking Water and the Last Service of the Marly Machine, 1859–1963
Dmitrieva, Tatiana Arcadia, Summer 2016, no. 14
A Milestone on the Road to Independence? Singapore’s Catastrophic 1954 Floods
Williamson, Fiona Arcadia, Autumn 2016, no. 13
Brewing, Industrialization, and London Water Supplies
Unger, Richard Arcadia, Summer 2016, no. 9
“Citizens of a Watershed”: The Colorado River Compact and the Exigencies of Drought
Foster, Lauren, Roberts, Stacy N. Arcadia, Spring 2016, no. 1
An Endless Sediment Story: The First Five Decades of the Canal de Marseille
Maughan, Nicolas Arcadia, Autumn 2015, no. 18
The Serre-Ponçon Dam and the Durance River: The Founding Act towards the most Regulated French Waterway
Maughan, Nicolas Arcadia 2015, no. 16
Molluscan Explosion: The Dutch Shipworm Epidemic of the 1730s
Sundberg, Adam Arcadia 2015, no. 14
Taconite Mining in Silver Bay: A Tale of Extraction and Accumulation
Schuchhardt, Caitlyn Arcadia 2015, no. 3